How much does a commercial kitchen hood cost?

In 2017, A Type 1 commercial kitchen hood is estimated to be around $1200.00 dollars per linear ft. at the most economical route with a kitchen fire suppression system. It excludes your plumbing, electrical, roofing, and restaurant equipment. The cost is for a quality system that will pass local requirements and be worth your investment in your commercial kitchen.

What kind of commercial hood system do I need?

Deciding what type of commercial hood you will be needing revolves around the cooking equipment in which you will be using. The 2 most common are Type 1 and Type 2 exhaust ventilation hoods. The difference between the 2 system vary in commercial cooking equipment it can ventilate efficiently with the different temperature ranges used. A plan of the cooking equipment line is needed to design your next commercial kitchen hood.

How much does a commercial kitchen hood cost?
Commercial kitchen hoods of Texas

Who can install a commercial kitchen hood?

A commercial kitchen hood should be installed by a experienced licensed HVAC mechanical contractor. The design is vital to the pricing and labor cost for a commercial kitchen hood. The kitchen hood suppression system needs to be installed by a licensed fire protection system contractor specializing in kitchen hood suppression systems. There will be 3 others trades which need to be hired to make this system function: plumber, electrician, and roofer. All play an important part to finalize a full installation.

Type 1 Commercial Kitchen Hood

Type 1 Commercial Kitchen Hood systems are prime real estate for all restaurant, cafeterias, and commercial kitchens. Underneath each one of the Type 1 hood you may put all types of cooking equipment from ranges, woks, fryers, char-broilers, and flat top griddles.

Type 1 Commercial Hood in Texas
Type 1 Commercial Kitchen Hood Design