Frisco TX – Commercial Vent Hood and Fire Systems

Frisco TX – Population 183,896 estimate is current as of February 1, 2019. 

Commercial Kitchens and Ventilation Hoods

With the city of Frisco, TX growing rapidly so are the restaurants and high class venues, bars, and grills. As a leader in the commercial kitchen ventilation and fire protection experience is what all owners, managers, and businesses need. Texas Commercial Hoods has installed hundreds of Type 1 restaurant hoods and fire protection systems throughout the Frisco – Collins County region saving start up businesses, re-modelers, and franchises/franchisee thousands of dollars in designs and installations.

Commercial Vent Hood Designs

The commercial vent hood designs are the biggest factors in budget and efficiency. The cost for a commercial vent hood system varies from the Brand/Type of hood, type of return air system, linear foot or size, cooking equipment, and most importantly roof elevations. The importance of air movement is what we stress in our designs as we want a comfortable atmosphere. From non-tempered air, or heated / cooled units these are big price facts in the installation. Our firm has licensed Texas mechanical engineers who oversee any phase of construction.

Type 1 Hoods with Ansul Systems

Type 1 Vent Hoods Frisco TX

The most common kitchen hoods are the Type 1 Hoods with Ansul Systems integrated/installed to protect : woks, ranges, grills, and fryers. These systems must be designed and tested by local authority having jurisdiction and will involve multiple trades to complete the process. Type 1 hoods will perform in any application provided and will protect your business, and invest. Type 1 hoods are regulated and must be installed to industry standards, and NFPA 96. Hiring a experienced contractor is key to see your investment start to generate money and food orders. Ansul Systems are regulated by the local fire department and must be installed to NFPA17A. These systems are classified as automatic extinguishing systems or kitchen fire suppression systems. Ansul a popular brand is 1 of many fire systems listed to be installed in any Type 1 Hood. We offer many brands and installation of kitchen fire suppression systems.

Frisco TX Commercial Vent Hood and Fire Systems