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Local Dallas Vent Hood Service – You ever walk into your kitchen and your kitchen exhaust fans don’t work? or the return make up air isn’t working? or it seems as it isnt working properly?
Kitchen Exhaust fans are one of the most vital parts of your restaurant, business, or kitchen. Sometimes that fan you don’t see needs attention too. We provide vent hood repair new sales and replacement service,
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Hiring a experienced contractor team for kitchen ventilation installation  is important for your business. Our team can give designs, construction time frame, prices, and budget points for new construction. 

Source for products:  Captiveaire, Larkin, Gaylord, HoodMart, & Floaire 

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Lets get that ole barn and make it a restaurant: we are that type of company that will provide conditioned air ventilation systems. There isn’t many who can install this a/c for make up air, kitchen fire suppression system, and the stainless steel under one roof, we are no joe shomoes! Authentic builder shop in Texas for restaurants and new construction. Buy your Captiveaire System and then call me to install it ! I’ll get the crane for that heavy unit!

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