Commercial Vent Hood System Manufacture

Commercial Vent Hood System Manufacture in Dallas, TX


Texas Commercial Hoods, a commercial hood system manufacturing service for any new commercial kitchen hood in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Looking for a custom size? or just any size? design? or do you need to fit this commercial hood in a tight area? Its what we specialize in. Being a Type 1 or Type 2 hood system, we are Dallas #1 source for commercial hood system manufacturing. Manufacturing any size grease duct, roof curb, or custom commercial kitchen vent hood system, Texas Commercial Hoods will get the fabrication done in a fashionable manner and install it.

Type 1 Commercial Vent Hood System Manufacture

commercial vent hood system manufacture

What is a Type 1 hood?
If you are cooking anything that has grease, you will need a type 1 hood with baffle filters. (Type 1 vent hoods: used to remove grease laden vapors)
What is a Type 2 hood?
 If you are using ovens, steamers or dishwashers, you will need a type 2 hood. (Type 2 vent hoods: used for removing heat or steam)

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